Partnering with Parents to Provide their Children the Best Care Possible

Our goal everyday is to offer a partnership with the parents to provide the best care possible for each child.  We want the parents to feel that their child is safe and has a nurturing, trustworthy, clean and developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning and contentment.


HKDC has an eclectic approach to curriculum.  We use the children’s interest and observations from their play to facilitate learning.  We also have a set curriculum content of songs, nursery rhymes, and sign language.


We are an established childcare center with a grassroots beginning.  Happy Kids has been a part of the community since April 9, 1996. We provide low child/staff ratios for each age of the child.


Happy Kids is constantly evaluating ways of improving relationships between the children, staff and parents.  We want the children to have a trusting relationship with the teachers/caregivers as well as the parents.


A comfortable loving and nurturing environment is needed for all those involved in the child’s daily care and life. Our parents appreciate that we are constantly updating and providing a modern, clean and renovated building.

Reggio Emilia Inspired

What is Reggio Emilia?  Reggio Emilia are early childhood development schools established by the township of Reggio Emilia after World War II.  These schools have developed into world renown schools for the creative and artistic expression they allow children and for the community spirit they provide.  Happy Kids follows this philosophy of individuality for children by providing ePortfolios for the children’s art and the philosophy of the teacher is the facilitator for learning.  The teachers offer provocations for creativity and observes the children for their interest and provides materials to enhance their learning.

Happy Kids also has established curriculum content for each age group.  This content offers lots of language development as well as math and science activities.